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About us

EyeCare.HealthCare is a small, thoroughly modern, and paperless office.
You can schedule your appointment online or call our office to speak to
our friendly staff. We will send you a link so you can complete your
patient history online at home. Alternately, If you are an analog person
in this digital world, our knowledgeable staff will help enter your
demographics, insurance and past history in order to give you with the
best service we can provide.

All the staff at EyeCare.HealthCare are trained to be expert ophthalmic
technicians. They can take detailed pictures inside your eyes, measure
the pressures of your eyes, do an auto-refractor test, or measure your
peripheral vision with great accuracy.

Are you interested in learning how to insert and remove contact lenses
for yourself or your child? If so, our staff will patiently work with you
until you learn how to handle your new lenses. Some first-time wearers
learn in a single session, others more. We will tutor and watch you work
with your lenses. At EyeCare.HealthCare we care that every new
contact lens user knows how to competently handle their contact lenses
before they take them home for the first time.
Are you searching for a great pair of frames? We have a large inventory
of frames for you to choose from. Our staff will give you the
personalized attention and help you find your perfect fit of high fashion
eyeglass frames that complement your face and work with your
prescription lenses. There are also a vast multitude of lens choices
available. Do you want break-proof lenses, high index extra thin lenses,
progressive lenses to help you to read or would you prefer lenses that get
darker when you go outdoors? These are just a few of the choices
available. We will guide you to select the best choice of lenses to ensure
that you are seeing the world clearly.

Meet Our Team