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EyeCare.Healthcare provides comprehensive eye exams and vision services for children, adults and seniors. Dr. Dana L. Getz is an optometrist who specializes in contact lenses, vision therapy and pediatric optometry. Dr. Getz and our staff look forward to providing you the finest in optometric services from routine check-ups to a fashionable collection of eye-wear. You can trust EyeCare.Healthcare to provide you and your family with high quality professional eye care.

Contact lenses are a popular option for helping you see clearly. At EyeCare.Healthcare we offer a wide range of contacts lens choices, including soft disposable lenses, multifocal, and opaque lenses to change the color of your eyes. We can also correct astigmatism with toric soft contact lenses, hard gas permeable lenses and Synergeyes™ contact lenses for any prescription. Tell us about your lifestyle and what you think your preferences are and we'll help fit the right contact lens option for you.