DRY EYE MANAGEMENT You have been given our Dry Eye Care Kit which contains the following five items: De3 Dry Eye Omega Benefits, 90 day bottle with PRN’s guarantee–3 tablets each day Warm Compress - use twice a day Foam Lid Cleanser - use twice a day Hypochlorous Acid Spray – spray onto closed lids and lashes twice a day Preservative Free Artificial Tears – use twice a day or as needed To improve the quality and homeostasis of your tears you must incorporate these treatments into your everyday routine, just like brushing your teeth. The long term goal is to improve the health of your eyelids and the essential oil glands embedded in your lids. This will help to prevent evaporation of your tears, reduce your dry eye symptoms and reduce your reliance on artificial tears and other dry eye treatments directed toward the symptoms, not the cause of dry eyes. De3 Dry Eye Omega Benefits Supplement by PRN should be taken three times a day, with meals. This supplement significantly improves occasional dry eye discomfort and improves tear film quality. This product is NOT the same as Omega3 products sold in drug stores and/or Big Box Discount Stores. De3 comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied after consuming the daily recommended serving for the first 90 days, we will issue you a refund. My office will be sending PRN your contact information so you can order De3 Dry Eye Omega Benefits Supplement in-between your appointments at our office. Use the Warm Compress twice a day according to the manufacturer’s directions. The compress will help to open and liquefy the natural oils in the pores of your eyelids. Improving the expression of these beneficial oils will prevent evaporation of your tears. Massage your eye lids for 30 seconds following the use of the warm compress and then clean the lids and lashes with the Foam Lid Cleanser. Rinse off the excess foam with lukewarm tap water. Cleaning your lids and lashes will wash away any dirt, gems, pollens and excess oils that could be blocking and irritating the skin and pores of your eyelids. Do not substitute shampoo or body soap to clean your lids and lashes because they are too concentrated and don’t have the correct PH for your eyes. Only use commercially available products, such as OcuSoft Foam Lid Cleanser. After cleaning, close both eyes and spray your lids and lashes with HyClear Spray. Massage the spray on your lids and massage between into the base of your lashes. HyClear is a hypochlorous acid for essential daily eyelid health management. HyClear Spray has a broad-spectrum of antimicrobiotic action that kills bacteria and viruses, such as MRSA and Pseudomonas. Instill one drop of Preservative Free Dry Eye Drops in each eye upon awakening and prior to bedtime, if needed, instill one drop in each eye every four hours throughout the day.