Lid hygiene

Lid hygiene can be incorporated into anyone’s routine hygiene to improve ocular comfort and health. It is also a simple way to alleviate the problems of allergic conjunctivitis, seborrheic blepharitis, chronic conjunctivitis, and chalazion. Blepharitis, cysts and styes represent an attack on the accumulated oil secretions of the lid glands. The normal secretions are released through small pores in front of the lashes of the eyelid. In some people, these secretions accumulate and lead to many different problems. The key to treating all of these problems is to clear the lid margins of these built up secretions. Lid hygiene is the means to achieve this end.
Dr. Getz recommends using a moisture releasing eye mask such as: Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress ( Harmon Face Values Eye Mask with Gel Beads ( Tranquileye mask ( to help retain warm moisture upon the lids. This will dissolve the secretions, help soothe burning eyes, and decrease the redness of the lids.
If you prefer to soak with warm saline, use Simply Saline (Arm & Hammer) or Unisol 4 (Alcon). The saline should be warm but not too hot, since the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the body and is very easily burned. Use sterile cotton balls soaked in the saline solution that has been slightly wrung. Place one on the eye with the lids closed and let it remain until it cools. Replace with fresh warm cotton balls and continue this for ten minutes.
Shampoo the upper and lower lashes using a commercially available product such as: Eye Scrub by CIBA OCuSOFT Foam or Pad Lid Scrub Original Lid Wipes SPF by Akorn SteriLid Eyelid Cleanser by TheraTears LidHygenix Eyelid Cleanser ( Close your eyes. Using a Q-Tip Cosmetic Applicator moistened with the lid cleanser brush the lashes from the base toward the ends of the lashes for sixty seconds. Rinse the lashes with luke warm water before opening your eyes. The lashes should be cleansed twice a day for the first week. After the first week, continue cleaning the lashes once a day. ]