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Mild Dryness

Preservative-free eye drops with low viscosity lubricants such as:

Oasis Tears PF (

Genteal Mild  PF (Novartis)                                                            Hypotears PF (Novartis)

Refresh Plus PF (Allergan)                                                              Refresh Plus PF (Allergan)

Refresh Classic PF (Allergan)                                                         Tears Naturale Free (Alcon)             


The following eye drops are approved for use when wearing CONTACT LENSES:

Oasis Tears Plus PF (                                Refresh Contacts (Allergan)

MiniDrops PF ( (Optics Laboratory)                Systane CONTACTS LUBRICANT DROPS (Alcon)

Directions:  instill one drop in the lower cul-de-sac of each eye once an hour as long as symptoms persist.

If you are adverse to using eye drops try the following eyelid spray:

Tears Again Advanced Liposome Eyelid Spray (OCuSOFT) spray onto the outer lids four times a day.


Moderate Dryness

Preservative-free eye drops with medium viscosity lubricants such as:

Oasis Tears Plus (available for purchase from EyeCare.HealthCare)

Ocucoat PF (B+L)                                                                          Soothe XP Emollient Lubricant Eye Drops PF (B+L)            

Refresh Optive ADVANCED PF (Allergan)                                     Systane Balance PF (Alcon)

Retaine PF (OCuSOFT)                                                                 Systane Ultra PF (Alcon)

Directions:  instill one drop in the lower cul-de-sac of each eye immediately before bedtime and upon awakening, if more treatment is needed, repeat once every four hours.


Severe Dryness

Preservative-free or gentle preservative ophthalmic gels such as:

Refresh Celluvisc PF (Allergan)                                                      Refresh Optive PF Gel Drops (

TheraTears Liquid Gel PF (AVR)                                                   

Directions:  instill one drop in the lower cul-de-sac of each eye immediately before bedtime and upon awakening.



Refresh PM Lubricant Eye Ointment (Allergan)                               Systane NightTime Ointment (Alcon)

Refresh Lacri-lube Lubricant Eye Ointment (Allergan)                     Tears Naturale Ointment PF (Alcon)  

Soothe Night Time Lubricant Eye Ointment (B+L)                           VITA-POS (available on

Drctns:instill a one inch line into the lower cul-de-sac of each eye immediately before bedtime and upon awakening.


Nutritional Supplements (purchase online from from

It is imperative to drink plenty of water and to reduce the intake of diuretics such as caffeine:

Omega3 Nutritional Supplement (3,000 mg/day)

VisionPro EPA/DHA/GLA from Pure Encapsulations

Retaine Flax Omega 3,6 Supplement (Ocusoft)                  TheraTears Nutrition (Akorn) (

BioTears Nutritional Supplement

Flax Seed Oil (1 Tbsp/day)


Return to your eye doctor for further evaluation + treatment if these recommendations do not provide relief. OTCdryeye2017






Lid hygiene can be incorporated into anyone’s routine hygiene to improve ocular comfort and health. It is also a simple way to alleviate the problems of allergic conjunctivitis, seborrheic blepharitis, chronic conjunctivitis, and chalazion.  Blepharitis, cysts, demodex and styes represent an attack on the accumulated oil secretions of the lid glands.  The normal secretions are released through small pores in front of the lashes of the eyelid.  In some people, these secretions accumulate and lead to many different problems.  The key to treating all of these problems is to clear the lid margins of these built up secretions.  Lid hygiene is the means to achieve this end.



Dr. Getz recommends using a moisture releasing eye mask such as:

          Oasis Rest & Relief Eye Mask (available for purchase at our office)

          Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress (

Harmon Face Values Eye Mask with Gel Beads (

Tranquileye mask (

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to help retain warm moisture upon the lids.  These masks will dissolve the secretions, help soothe burning eyes, and decrease the redness of the lids. 



Shampoo the upper and lower lashes using a commercially available product such as:

          Oasis Lid & Lash Gel Cleanser (available for purchase at our office)

          OCuSOFT Foam or Pad Lid Scrub Original

Lid Wipes SPF by Akorn   

LidHygenix Eyelid Cleanser (

SteriLid Eyelid Cleanser by TheraTears

Close your eyes.  Follow the manufacturer’s directions to apply the lid cleanser.  Rinse the lashes with lukewarm water before opening your eyes.  The lashes should be cleansed twice a day for the first week.  After the first week, continue cleaning the lashes once a day.  



         Cliradex by biotissue (

Follow manufacturer’s directions.  Use twice daily for one month.  Then continue cleaning lashes as described above under Cleaning the Lashes.


Ocular Allergies


Red, itchy, watery eyes are often a sign of ocular allergies.  The symptoms for ocular allergies can often be confused with the symptoms for dry eyes and eye infections.  Therefore, do not diagnosis yourself!  Always see your eye doctor for a professional opinion before beginning treatment. 

Eye allergies can be caused by pollen, mold, dust and pet dander.  They can also be a reaction to preservatives (such as Benzalkonium Chloride, Chlorhexidine and Thiomersal) found in cosmetics, eye drops, including artificial tears that contain preservatives and some household cleansers.  Anything that causes an allergic reaction is called an “allergan”.


The best treatment for ocular allergies is to protect your eyes from the allergan.  Try to avoid what is causing your ocular allergies whenever possible.  Do not rub your eyes if they itch!  People with seasonal allergies will benefit from wearing protective eyewear such as WileyX Climate Control Eyewear.  People with allergies to specific preservatives should use products with a different preservative or select “Preservative Free” products. 


Everyone with allergies will get relief by washing the irritants from their eyelids and lashes with an eyelid cleanser such as Oasis lid & Lash Gel Cleanser.  In addition, using a cold compress on your closed eyelids is another simple way to get relief.  The Oasis Rest & Relief Eye Mask or the Harmon Face Values Eye Mask with Gel Beads ( are excellent eye masks that will make your eyes more comfortable. 


Eyes become dry when a person has ocular allergies.  Therefore, using the following preservative-free dry eye drops will provide some relief:

            Oasis Tears or Oasis Tears Plus PF Lubricant Eye Drops (available for purchase at our office)

Genteal Moderate Relief PF (Novartis)          retain PF (OCuSOFT)

Ocucoat PF (B+L)                                          Sooth Lubricant Eyedrops PF (B+L)

Refresh Optive (Allergan)                              Systane Balance PF (Alcon)


Systemic Antihistamines and Decongestants (OTC) such as Zyrtec, Claritin or Allegra may be used for general allergy symptoms.  Benedryl is an excellent choice to get relief from severe and sudden allergy symptoms.  Follow the medical precautions on the label when using these medications.


If more relief is needed, there are some OTC eyedrops with an ocular antihistamine known as ketotifen fumarate (0.025%). The dosing for these drops is twice a day during allergy season. 

          Alaway (Bausch + Lomb)                              Refresh Eye Itch Relief (Allergan)

Claritin Eye (Shering-Plough)                        Zaditor (Alcon)

    is an excellent resource for more information.  For more severe allergy relief see your eye doctor for further evaluation and treatment.