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Organization Websites:

All About Vision:
American Foundation for the Blind:
American Optometric Assocation (AOA):
College of Optometrist in Vision Development (COVD):
Contact Lens Safety:
Contact Lenses & You:

Eye & Vision Problems:
Eye Care Council,Inc. (check out See to Learn):  

Jama Ophthalmology:

Low Vision:

National Eye Institute:  
National Network of Optometrists:  
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association International (NORA):

New York State Optometric Association:

Optometric Extension Program Foundation (OEP):
Parents Active for Vision Education (PAVE):
Prevent Blindness of America:
Sports & Vision:

Think About Your Eyes:

Vision Council of America (VCA):  
Washington Association of Optometric Physicians:   


NEI Patient Education:


Printing and Graphic Design Resource:

Vision Therapy Websites:

3D Vision- Vision Therapy& Visual Health:  
Children with Special needs:  
Eye Can Learn- Eye Excercises for Better Visual Health:

More Effective Treatment Identified for Common Childhood Vision Disorder, NEI Press Release:

Treatments of Convergence Insufficiency in Children by Mitchel Scheiman, O.D. et al:

Vision Help:

Vision Therapy/Orthoptics versus Pencil Pushups for the Treatment of Convergence Insufficiency in Young Adults by Mithcell Scheiman, OD, FAAO et al:

Product Link Websites:

Biotissue :

Optovue :

Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress:

Cliradex by Biotissue:

CriticalAvance Coating:

Drivewear Lens:           

EyeLenComputer Glasses:

Harmon Face Values Eye Mask with Gel Beads:

Hoya Lenses for glasses:

LidHygenix Eyelid cleanser:

MiniDrops: PF

Nutritional Supplements (purchase online from):

Oasis Tears Plus PF:

Shamir Lenses:
Tranquileye Mask:

Transitions and Vantage Lenses:

Unity digital Lenses:            
Contacts Lens Websites:

Order Your Contact Lenses:

Alcon contact lenses (Ciba Vision):
Bausch & Lomb:                     

Menicon Contact Lenses:

Shamir Lenses:
Frames Websites:

Davis Vision:           
REM Eyewear:           

TC Charton: